VM-3100: Inputs -- Setting Up Inputs 9-12

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The VM-3100 is also equipped with two pairs of stereo RCA Inputs numbered 9-10
and 11-12. These inputs are set-up just like Inputs 1-8, with the exception of
there not being a GAIN knob provided. Follow the procedure below for setting
up a stereo signal input to 9-10. If the sound connected to Inputs 9-12
becomes distorted, adjust the output level from the connected device until the
level is acceptable:

1) With the VM-3100 mixer powered down, plug the left side of the device's
stereo signal into Input 9 and the right side of the devices stereo signal into
Input 10 using RCA cables.
2) Bring the Master Fader all the way down. Power on the VM-3100.
3) Press the [F1-F4 ON/OFF] button.
4) Press F1 until '>Pst' appears in the display. The display is now showing
pre-fader levels.

Note: You often see menu choices in the VM-3100's display with arrows to the
left of them: '>'. This means pressing the corresponding [F1], [F2], [F3] or
[F4] button will change to that function.

5) Bring the fader for Channel 9-10 all the way down.
6) Play the device connected to Inputs 9-10 and adjust the device's output
volume until the meter shows level between -12dB and -4dB on the display.
7) Press the [F1-F4 ON/OFF] button.
8) Switch Channel One to post-fader status. Press F1 until 'ÞPre' appears in
the display.
9) Press [F1-F4 ON/OFF] button to return back to the main level display.
10) Raise Channel 9-10's fader until you see signal in the display.
11) Raise the red Master Fader to hear the output of Channel 9-10.

Repeat Steps 3 - 11 above for Inputs 11-12.

NOTE: Pressing the [SELECT] repeatedly for Channel 9-10 will toggle between the
'CH VIEW' screen for Channel 9 and the 'CH VIEW' screen for Channel 10. This
enables you to have independent control of the parameters for each Channel.
Also, holding [SHIFT] while repeatedly pressing the [SELECT] button for Channel
9-10 will toggle between the Input Assign Display for Channel 9 and the Input
Assign Display for Channel 10. Channels 11 and 12's 'CH VIEW' and Input Assign
Display can be accessed in the same manner.