VS8F-3, VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Installing a VS8F-3 into a VS-2480/VS-2480CD

Tags: vs-2480,vs-2480cd,vs8f-3,install,effects
Before installing a VS8F-3 make sure that the VS-2480's operating system is at least to version 2.5

To physically install the board use the following procedure:

1)Power off and unplug the recorder.

2)Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the 8 screws on the underside of the VS-2480 that hold on the cover plate for the effects bay. (Its located on the side closest to the analog outputs.)

3)Remove the cover plate.

4)Grasp any grounded metal object to discharge any static electricity.

5)Handling the board only by its edges, gently push back the white tab that locks the board in place and remove any expansion board that might currently occupy slot A.

6)Handling the VS8F-3 board only by its edges press it into slot A.

Note: The VS8F-3 that you place into slot A will become your "Key Card." This Key Card will contain the authorization information that will be encoded when you install the various VS Plug Ins.

7)Replace the cover plate and screws.