SYSTEM-1: A Short Tutorial

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- Your sound starts with an OSCILLATOR 

- Each oscillator has 6 Waveforms

- Each oscillator has an adjustable range

- Mix both oscillator 1 and 2 for a more complex sound in the MIXER section

- Give some color to your sound by adjusting the COLOR knob

- Detune your 2nd oscillator by adjusting oscillator 2's TUNE knob

- White or Pink noise can be added by adjusting the NOISE knob in the mixer section

- Mixing the 4 sound sources (2 oscillators, 1 sub oscillator, noise) will enable you to create unique patches

- Use the filter section to tweak your sound

- The CRUSHER knob is perfect for heavy sounds and digital distortion

- Amp envelope has hands on control for ADSR parameters

- Reverb and Delay effects are also included

- The PORTAMENTO knob lets you slide between notes

- CROSSMOD lets OSC2 modulate OSC1 for metallic and obscure textures

- LFO section will enable you to alter your sound with different waveforms at different speeds 

- LFO can modulate PITCH, FILTER, and AMP

- To save a patch, hold the patch number until all patch buttons blink



- KEY HOLD gives infinite sustain

- The SCATTER section has an ARPEGGIATOR that is fully customizable

- Choose scatter type with inner wheel

- Use outer wheel to adjust scatter depth

- Lock your scatter setting by pressing KEY HOLD, this enables you to tweak your sound while scatter is on



- Press PLUG-OUT to access a second complete synthesizer

- Available synths include SH-101 and SH-2

- Go to for more info