GR-55: Hearing Your Normal (Guitar) Pickup Signal

Tags: gr-55,normal,dry
If you want to hear your guitar's original pickup sound in the GR-55, you need to activate the NORMAL PICKUP switch within each patch. Here's how.

1. Choose a patch to edit.

2. Press the EDIT button.

3. Press PAGE left until you select the TONE menu.

4. Press the down-cursor button to select NORMAL PICKUP.

5. Press cursor left to highlight the NORMAL PICKUP box and then turn the dial to activate it.

6. Set the GK select switch to the MIX position.

Note: If you want to hear only the guitar sound, de-select the PCM1, PCM2, and Model boxes as well.

If desired, press WRITE to save the new setting as a User patch, and then repeat the process for any patch in which you want to hear the original pickup sound.