DR-5: Recording a Pattern

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The DR-5 has two modes for recording patterns - Realtime and Step. Let's use the Realtime recording mode to create a pattern:

1. Hold SHIFT/ERASE and press PTN/6 to enter pattern mode.

2. Rotate the TEMPO/DATA dial to select an empty pattern (user Patterns are #200-399).

3. Press TRACK SEL repeatedly to select "DRUM" in the TRACK SELECT area of the display. You can now play the pads to trigger drum sounds.

4. Press KIT and use the TEMPO/DATA dial to select the desired kit. Press EXIT when finished.

5. Hold REAL/STEP and press START. You will hear the metronome begin.

6. Press TEMPO and use the TEMPO/DATA dial to select the desired tempo for your pattern. Press EXIT when finished.

7. Use the pads to input your pattern. If you make a mistake, hold the SHIFT/ERASE button and the pad you wish to erase to remove the notes.

8. Press STOP when finished.

Note: See pages 3-4 through 3-11 in the DR-5 Owner's Manual for more information on creating patterns.