V-BASS: Selecting COSM Bass Settings

Tags: v-bass
The V-Bass system also has a large assortment of different COSM bass guitar models. Use the following procedure to try the different COSM bass settings:

1. Select the 15-3 Mod Bass patch.

2. Press COSM BASS.

3. Press F1 [ON/OFF] and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to turn on bass modeling.

4. Press F4 [TYPE], and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select and play the various bass models. For this example, select Vari Bass.

5. Press PAGE > or COSM BASS to move through the pages that display the available parameters for each model. When you’re done, go to Page 2.

6. Press F1-F6 to select any displayed parameter you wish to change, and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to set its value. For this example, press F5 to choose the bass body type parameter.

7. Turn PATCH /VALUE to try out the available body types.
Note: If you want to save your settings, save your patch as described earlier.