BR-1600CD, BR-1600: Setting Up the Internal Metronome

Tags: tempo,metronome,click,beat

The BR-1600CD can be used to play a metronome in place of a drum performance when recording or practicing. The following article will guide you through setting up the internal Metronome:

  1. Press the TRACK TYPE SELECT button which is next to Track 15/16 fader.
  2. Press F4 until METRONOME is displayed under the title that says TRACK 15/16.
  3. Press [EXIT/NO] to return to the top screen.
  4. Press the track button [15/16] several times until it lights up.
    Note: Pressing the button repeatedly allows you to cycle through the available choices, which are: Flashing → On→ Off.
    Off: The metronome will not be played.
    Flashing in red: The metronome will be played only when the BR-1600CD is recording.
    Flashing in green: The metronome will be played when the BR-1600CD is recording or performing playback.
    On (Solidly lit): The metronome will be played even when the BR-1600CD is stopped.
  5. Lower the fader for Track 15/16 and then raise the fader for Track 15/16 to a suitable level. Note: Be sure that the MASTER fader level and headphone level (if applicable) is up.
  6. Press the PROGRAMMABLE RHYTHM [ARRANGEMENT/PATTERN] button so that the button is off.
  7. Press the PROGRAMMABLE RHYTHM [EDIT] button.
  8. Use the CURSOR buttons and the TIME/VALUE dial to change the BPM of the metronome to a desired tempo.
  9. Press [EXIT/NO] to return to the top screen.
  10. Press and hold the STOP button and then press the REC button. "Save Current?" will be displayed.
  11. Press [ENTER/YES].