XP-80: Realtime Phrase Sequencing (RPS)

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Realtime Phrase Sequencing (RPS) is a creative tool for instant playback of
patterns. An RPS phrase is assigned to a key and is triggered by pressing that
key. After having recorded data into the sequencer and having copied certain
measures to a pattern, you are ready to create an RPS pattern. Create a
sequence (refer to: Recording PARTS on the XP-80). Use the following
procedure to create an RPS pattern:

2) Press F3 [TrkEdit] followed by F3 [Copy].
3) Use the CURSOR [ or v/^] buttons to select "" and use the VALUE
dial to select PTN 001.
4) Press F6 [Execute].
6) Press F1 [Setup] followed by F4 [RPS].
7) Press the desired key to be assigned to Pattern 1.
8) Use the CURSOR buttons to select PATTERN and use the VALUE dial to select
9) Press EXIT.
10) Press the RPS button so it is lit, then press the assigned note on the