VS-880: Changing to 3 Band EQ in Track Mix

Tags: input,vs-880,mix,track,eq,3,band
To change the EQ Selection to 3 Band Equalizer you must have a minimum of 6 EQ Switches turned OFF total (in INPUT MIX and TRACK MIX modes). Use the following procedure to turn off the EQ switches in INPUT MIX and make the 3-band EQ available in TRACK MIX:

1. Press and hold SHIFT, then press SELECT under MIXER MODE until INPUT MIX lights.

2. Press and hold SHIFT, then press CH EDIT 3/EQ Low. Press LEFT PARAMETER once. The display will read "EQ SWITCH=ON".

3. Press CH EDIT 1 and turn the TIME/VALUE dial counter-clockwise to turn EQ SWITCH to "OFF".

4. Repeat step 3 for CH EDIT 2 through 6.

5. Press SELECT to get to TRACK MIX under MIXER MODE.

6. Press the EDIT/SOLO button several times until you see "MST EQ Sel = 2BandEQ".

7. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select "3BandEQ". Press PLAY/DISPLAY to return to Play condition.