TD-15: Coach Mode

Tags: rhythm,timing,beat,exercise

Coach Mode in the TD-15 contains a set of exercises to help you improve your timing. Time Check is one of the exercises. It grades your performance as you play along with the metronome, giving you an overall score at the end of the exercise. Here’s how to use Time Check.

  1. Choose a kit you’d like to play.
  2. Press COACH until it's lit.
  3. Press function 1 (TIME CHECK) — the metronome provides a two measure count-off.
  4. After the count-off, play along with the metronome.
  5. After 8 measures, the exercise is complete and "Finished!" appears in the display along with your total score. 
  6. To repeat the exercise, press the metronome button again.
  7. Press COACH when you’re finished with Coach Mode.