Installing XV-Patches in Fantom_X Series using the Fantom X Librarian.

Tags: fantom-x6,fantom-x7,fantom-x8
1. Download the XV-5080 patches from

2. Double click on the Fantom-X_XV.fsl file and the Fantom-X Librarian will open.

3. Left mouse click on the first patch.

4. From the dropdown EDIT menu, click SELECT ALL.

5. From the EDIT menu select, COPY. (Or you can use Ctrl+C)

6. Close or minimize the Fantom-X_XV.fsl.

7. Click the first INT PATCH destination on Main Librarian page.

8. From the dropdown EDIT menu, click INSERT. Your new patches will then be copied over to the MAIN PAGE.

9. From the MAIN PAGE of the Librarian click Write ALL and a box will appear showing the patches transferring into the USER bank of your Fantom-X.