CDX-1: How do I Establish a Base BPM for a Sample?

Tags: tempo,sample,bpm,cdx-1
After you have sampled or loaded samples to the sample pads and have set your loop points, you will need to establish BPM (Beats Per Minute) for each sample. Any synchronization or tempo match functions are dependent upon establishing a base BPM for each sample.

3) Press YES/ENTER
4) Press the sample pad that you want to edit.
5) CURSOR down to "BPM Base Note."
6) Use the TIME/VALUE wheel to select the note value that you want to use for establishing your BPM
7) CURSOR down to the number below the BPM note value.
8) Use the TIME/VALUE wheel to select the number of times the note value you have selected occurs for the entire length of the sample.

For Example: If my sample is 2 measures long and I select quarter notes as my BPM Base Note then I will select 8 for the number of quarter notes in 2 measures