Fantom X6, Fantom X7, Fantom X8: Using the 16-Track Sequencer

Tags: record,song,fantom,x6,x7,x8,sequencing
1) Press [SONG EDIT].

2) Press [F4] SONG UTILITY, select "1 Song Clear", and press [F8] twice to clear the current song.

3) Press Performance [LAYER/SPLIT].

4) Select Performance PRST:01 Seq:Template. This is an empty performance created specifically for making songs from scratch.

5) Press [F2] PART VIEW. Make sure [F1] LEVEL PAN is selected.

6) Select one of the sixteen parts and press [ENTER]. The patch finder will open.

7) Select the desired patch and press [F8] SELECT.

8) Press REC so it is flashing.

9) Press PLAY so it is lit.

10) After the two measure count in, begin playing.

11) Press STOP when finished.

12) Press RESET and PLAY to hear what you have recorded.