DR-670: Auditioning the Different BASS Tones

Tags: sounds,instruments,dr-670
There are 16 different Bass tones (sounds) in the DR-670. Use the following steps to audition them:

1. Choose a desired pattern.

2. Press the BASS button. This selects Bass part for the pads.

3. Hold SHIFT and press the CROSS STICK[9] pad -(DRUMKIT EDIT).

4. Turn the VALUE dial to select a desired bass tone. (1-16).

5. Play on the pads.

6. Repeat steps 4-5 to select and listen to each of the different tones.

7. When you're finished, hold SHIFT and press the TOM1[5] -(PATTERN PLAY) to exit.

8. Press the DRUM A/B button to return the pads to the drum part.