GT-3: Patch Change Mode

Tags: gt-3,switching
Patch Change mode in the GT-3 lets you choose how the patches are changed when you press the BANK up or down pedals. There are two different modes to choose from;
"Switch it Now" and "Wait for number".
"Switch it Now" calls up the numbered 1-4 patch immediately when the Bank up or down pedal is pressed.
"Wait for Number" waits for the desired number pedal (1-4) to be pressed before calling up the patch after pressing the Bank up or down pedal.

Use the following steps to choose the desired mode:

1. Press the UTILITY button until "3" SYSTEM shows briefly in the display, followed by "LCD Contrast."

2. Press CURSOR right (>) until you select "Patch Change Mode."

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired setting.

4. Press EXIT when you're finished.