G-600, G-800, RA-800: Editing a Style as a User Style

Tags: g-600,g-800,ra-800
It is possible to modify any style (internal or disk) on this arranger workstation.

Each style uses up to eight arranger tracks (ADR, ABS, AC1-AC6). When a style is selected, a series of Program Changes select the tones to be used by that style.

Before modifying any aspect of the internal or disk music styles (i.e. note choice and/or tones used), you must first copy the music style into a User style location 1-8 for editing. Although we won't cover modifying the note choice for a given arranger track here, the following procedure explains how to easily modify the tones used for any or all tracks of a music style, internal or disk.

1. From the MASTER page, press F5 (DISK).

2. Turn the DRUMS PART knob to select the source for the music style: Int or Dsk.

3. Turn the ACCOMP GROUP knob to select the desired music style.

4. Turn the LOWER NUMBER knob to select the style division.

5. Turn the UPPER VARIATION knob to select the User style location.

6. Press UPPER 1 (EXECUTE) to display "LOADING . . ."

7. Press F5 (EXIT).

8. Press F4 (UserStl).

9. Turn the DRUMS PART knob to select a track for editing.

10. Press the down PAGE button to select page 4.

11. Turn the UPPER VARIATION knob to select the new tone number you wish to use for the track.

12. Press the UPPER 1 button located beneath the rotary knob to change the track's status from "PLAY" to "REC."

13. Press RECORD in the RECORDER section.

14. Press PLAY in the the RECORDER section. After a four bar count-off, you should hear your modified style playing back with the change you've made.

16. Continue to record the style until you notice that the track status for all modified parameters has changed from "REC" to "PLAY"—this will be displayed just above the corresponding rotary knobs.

17. Press STOP in the RECORDER section.

18. Save your modified music style to disk.