VM-3100: Recording a Scene

Tags: scene,scenes

The VM-3100 can store many of its settings (faders, effects, etc.) as a Scene.  The VM-3100 has eight Banks each containing four Scenes. Use the following
procedure to store a Scene:

  1. Press the EXIT/NO button a few times to return to the main screen.
  2. Press BANK 1-8 under SCENE MEMORY to display "SELECT BANK."
  3. Hold BANK 1-8 and use the SCENE 3 / ^ and SCENE 4 / v buttons to select a Bank.
  4. Press a SCENE button [1] - [4] under SCENE MEMORY to store the current settings to that Scene.

    To recall a SCENE at a later time, simply press the illuminated SCENE 1, SCENE 2, SCENE 3 or SCENE 4 button.