VG-88: How to assign a function to the CTL pedal

Tags: vg-88
The CTL pedal on the VG-88 can control a number of effects. The following
example shows how to activate the Chorus with the CTL Pedal:

1. Use the BANK and 1-4 pedals or VALUE DIAL to select patch 38-2 "COMP JC."
2.. Press the PEDAL ASSIGN button.
3. Cursor to "CTL."
4. Press F2 until CTL is ON.
5. Press F5 for "Edit."
6. Use the VALUE dial to select "FX: CHORUS ON/OFF TARGET."
7. Press the CTL Pedal on and off to audition the sound.
8. If desired, rotate the VALUE dial and try different effect selections.

NOTE: If at any point you want to keep what you have created, press WRITE and
use the VALUE dial to select a User location for the new patch to be written
to, then press WRITE again to save it.