BR-1200, BR-1200CD: Recording an External Instrument or Device

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The following procedure will guide you through recording an external stereo instrument or device (e.g. keyboard, drum machine, guitar processor/synth, audio mixer, etc) on the BR-1200CD:

  1. Bring the MASTER volume fader all the way down. 
  2. Connect either speakers to the LINE OUT on the back panel of the BR-1200CD or headphones to the PHONES jack on the front panel of the BR-1200CD.
  3. Connect the left and right outputs of your external stereo instrument into the red and white LINE IN jacks on the back panel of the BR-1200CD.
    Note: This may require adapter cables (e.g. 1/4" to RCA if the outputs of your instrument or device are 1/4". These type of adapter cables can be found at most electronic store. For example: Radio Shack).
  4. Press the LINE button on the top left of the BR-1200CD so that it is illuminated red.
  5. Turn up the volume on your external stereo instrument.
  6. Begin playing your external stereo instrument.
  7. While playing the external stereo instrument, adjust the black INPUT LEVEL knob  on the left panel until the "IN" meter on the LCD screen averages between –12 and –4.

  8. Slowly bring up the MASTER volume fader level. Your guitar and external stereo instrument volume will be output to speakers connected to the LINE OUT of the BR-1600CD.
    Note: If you are using headphones, you can now adjust the headphone volume on the bottom, front panel where the headphones connect to the BR-1200CD.
  9. Press the TRACK BUTTONS of tracks you would like to record to. The selected track buttons will begin to blink.

    NOTE: Since you are recording a stereo instrument (left and right), you will be recording onto two tracks (e.g. Tracks 1 & 2 or Tracks 9/10).

  10. Press the REC button and then press PLAY. The BR-1200CD will begin to record.
  11. Press the STOP button to end recording.