BR-532: Optimal Use of Storage Space

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The BR-532 records to a SmartMedia card. Therefore, the recording time is limited to the capacity of the individual SmartMedia card being used. The BR-532 comes with a 32MB card; however, it can use cards up to 128MB. There are three different recording modes that determine the amount of recording time:

Data Type: 16MB 32MB 64MB 128MB

HiFi(MT2) 8 MINS 16 MINS 32 MINS 65 MINS
Stan.(LV1) 9 MINS 19 MINS 39 MINS 78 MINS
Long(LV2) 12 MINS 24 MINS 49 MINS 98 MINS
(times are approximate)

To determine available recording time, divide the total minutes by the number of tracks used. For example, at HiFi(MT2) mode there are 65 mins available per 128MB SmartMedia card. If all 4 tracks are used then that allows for about 16 mins per track (65mins/4 tracks).

Suggestions for Conserving Space:

-Instead of recording over an unwanted track, press UNDO after recording a take you will not use.
-After editing, perform the Song Optimize operation.
-If getting "CARD FULL" message, press ENTER/YES and perform a Song Optimize.
-Copy finished songs to separate card or computer as a backup and then perform Song Erase on the original card.