VM-3100PRO, VSR-880: Using the VM-3100PRO (version 1.05 or later) with the VSR-880

Tags: vsr-880,audio,clock,vm-3100pro,adat,tascam,da-88,da-38,da-98,connection
Beginning with system version 1.05, the VM-3100PRO's default R-BUS target mode was changed to "RPC-1." This ensures "out-of-the-box" compatibility with all components of the Studio Package bundle, which includes the RPC-1 PCI audio card. If you wish to use a VSR-880 with a VM-3100PRO equipped with v1.05 or later, the R-BUS target mode must be changed. Use the following shortcut procedure to change the VM-3100PRO's R-BUS target mode:

1. Hold SHIFT and press F4. "Load STAND ALONE Configuration" will be displayed.

2. Press ENTER/YES.

If desired, you may use this procedure to manually change the R-BUS target mode:

1. Press EXIT/NO twice to return to the main LEVEL METER display.

2. Press SYSTEM.

3. Press F1-F4 ON/OFF.

4. Press F2 [MIDI].

5. Cursor down to highlight the "R-BUS Target" line.

6. Rotate the VALUE dial to select DIF/VSR.

7. Press EXIT/NO.

For proper operation, further VM-3100PRO and VSR-880 system settings will probably need to be made. Please refer to the "R-BUS Equipment Setting and Connection Guide" for setting instructions for your preferred device, or search the help desk for the appropriate VSR-880 and VM-3100PRO entries.

NOTE: The VM-3100PRO system version is displayed on power-up.