VM-3100PRO: Speaker Modeling -- Activating and Selecting Different Speaker Types

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The Speaker Modeling algorithm in the VM-3100Pro enables you to model the acoustical characteristics of a variety of speakers, ranging from high-level professional monitors used in studios, to small television or boom-box speakers. The VM-3100Pro provides thirteen different speaker types that can be simulated. Use the following procedure for selecting and editing the Speaker Modeling effect:

1. Press EFFECTS2.

NOTE: Speaker Modeling can only be accessed from EFFECTS2.

2. Rotate the VALUE dial until patch "P99 SPM: SP Flat" appears in the display.

3. Press ENTER/YES. The patch is now selected.

4. Press F1-F4 ON/OFF.

5. Press F3 [VALUE].

6. Press ENTER/YES.

7. Use the DOWN CURSOR to move to "Model".

8. Rotate the VALUE dial to choose the type of speaker simulation that you want to use.

9. Use the DOWN CURSOR to move to "OutSp."

10. Rotate the VALUE dial to choose the monitor type that you are using.

NOTE: Speaker Modeling has been calibrated so that the widest choice of speaker modeling will be obtained when using the DS-90 digital monitors. Other types of Roland monitors may be selected for use with the VM-3100Pro, however, the available choices of speaker modeling will vary for monitors other than the DS-90’s.

11. Use the DOWN CURSOR to move to "Phase."

12. Rotate the VALUE dial to specify the phase of the speakers.

13. Press LEVEL METER to return to the main mixer display when you are done.