DR-670: Transposing the Bass Part

Tags: key,shift,tune,dr-670
It is possible to transpose the bass part of a USER pattern in the DR-670. Use the following steps to do so:
Note: To transpose the bass part in a Preset pattern, you must first copy the pattern to a User location; follow the "PATTERN COPY" procedure in this help desk before doing the following steps.

1. Select a USER pattern.

2. Hold SHIFT and press PAD 6[PATTERN EDIT].

3. Hold SHIFT and press KEYPAD 5[KEY TRANS].

4. Release KEYPAD 5[KEY TRANS] but continue to hold SHIFT.

5. Turn the VALUE DIAL to select the desired transpose value (-12 - +12). Each number represents a half step.

6. Release SHIFT.

7. Hold SHIFT and press PAD 5[PATTERN PLAY] to return to pattern play mode.

8. Press start to hear the transposed bass part.