GR-20: Mono and Poly Mode

Tags: midi,transmit,gr-20
Mono and Poly modes are used to determine how the MIDI data in the GR-20 gets transmitted to an external device.

In MONO mode, each string is transmitted on a different MIDI channel. For example, if MONO mode is selected, and the basic channel is set to "1", the 1st (high E) string on the guitar will transmit on channel one, the 2nd (B) string will transmit on channel 2, and so on, to the 6th (low E) string which will transmit on channel 6. If the sound module you are triggering has multitimbral capabilities, mono mode would be preferred if you want a different sound coming from each string.

In Poly mode, all six strings on the guitar are transmitted on the selected basic MIDI channel. This mode would be preferred if the sound module you're triggering can only receive MIDI data on one channel at a time.

Use the following steps to select Mono or Poly mode in the GR-20:

1. Power on while holding the EXIT button.

2. Once the GR-20 is on, release the EXIT button.

3. Turn the value dial to select the desired mode: "Nn" = MONO mode, "PL" = Poly mode.

4. When you have made your selection press EXIT. The new setting is stored automatically.