R-09HR: How to Turn Off the Red Record LED When Recording Audio

Tags: record,display,save,power,rec,led,button,red

The following article will guide through turning off the red record button  so that the LED doesn't illuminate while you're recording. This can be helpful if the record light is distracting or a bit obvious in certain recording situations.

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. CURSOR to "Display Setup" and then press the record button .
  3. CURSOR down to "Rec/Peak LED".
  4. Press the right cursor/fast-forward button  so that "Power Save" is selected.
  5. CURSOR up to "Display Timer" and then use the left and right cursor buttons to select "2 sec", "5 sec", "10 sec" or "20 sec" to select the amount of seconds it will take to enter Power Save mode.
    For example: if "5 sec" is selected, the display will dim and the red record button will turn off after 5 seconds--even though the R-09HR is still recording audio.
  6. Press the MENU button twice.