XV-5080: Assigning Separate Outputs for Rhythm Kit Instruments.

Tags: xv-5080
The XV-5080 can assign separate outputs to individual instruments in a Rhythm
For instance, the Kick Drum can be assigned to Output #1 while the Snare can be
assigned to Output #2.
Use the following procedure to assign individual outputs:

1. Press RHYTHM to select the RHYTHM PLAY display.
2. Use the VALUE dial to select a "PR - A:001 PopDrumSet 1."
3. Press F6 (Effects).
4. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight "A" under "Output TONE."
5. Play or trigger the note corresponding to the rhythm instrument to be edited.
6. Use the VALUE Dial to select an individual output (1 - 8) for this rhythm
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for additional instruments.
8. Press EXIT to return to the RHYTHM PLAY display.

Note: To retain the edited settings, write the edited Kit into a User Rhythm
Kit memory location using the Utility/Write function.