BR-900CD, BR-900: Recording an External Stereo Instrument or Device

Tags: record,stereo,effect,instrument,drum,machine,keyboard,device

The following steps will guide you through setting up and recording an external stereo instrument, audio device or effect.

  1. Lower the MASTER fader.
  2. Connect headphones to the headphone jack or speakers to the LINE OUT jacks  on the back panel.
  3. Connect the left and right outputs of your instrument into the red and white LINE IN RCA jacks on the back panel of the BR-900CD.

    This may require adapter cables (e.g. 1/4" to RCA if the outputs of your device are 1/4" or XLR to RCA if the outputs of your device are XLR).
  4. Press INPUT SELECT button for L-LINE-R so the button illuminates red.
  5. Turn up the volume of your external instrument to a desired volume level and then begin playing the instrument.
  6. On the BR-900CD, adjust turn the SENS knob for L-LINE-R to the 12 o'clock position (straight up).
  7. While playing the external device or instrument, adjust the INPUT LEVEL knob so that the IN meter on the LCD is showing levels close to -6db.
    Note:  If you're not able to achieve good volume levels above the IN meter, raise the volume of the external device and/or raise the volume of the BR-900CD's SENS knob  for L-LINE-R.
  8. Slowly raise the MASTER fader.
    Note: If speakers are connected, be sure that their power is on and that their volume is turned up.
  9. Press one of the track REC buttons to select the track on which recording will occur. Be sure that the selected button is blinking--regardless of the color. When recording to tracks 1 through 6, two tracks will be recorded (since we're recording in stereo).
  10. Press REC and then press PLAY. Recording will begin.
  11. Begin playing the external stereo instrument or device.
  12. Press STOP on the BR-900CD to end recording.