MMP-2: Applying Mic Modeling to an Input

Tags: input,mic,mmp-2,modeling
For best results using the COSM mic modeling effects, you need to match the microphone you're using with the INPUT selection mic. For this example, we will use the AKG C3000B condenser microphone.

1. After you've set your inputs, you will want to apply the mic modeling effects by first pressing the MODEL button in the EDIT SELECT section.

2. Turn the Value control knob under MODEL so thst it is set to ON.

3. Turn the second Value control knob under INPUT so that it is set to "C3000B".

4. To model a vintage condenser microphone, turn the third Value control knob under OUTPUT so that it is set to "VNT.C".

5. Press the METER button to return to the input screen.