MICRO BR, Micro BR: How to Bounce or Combine Tracks

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Note: This article refers to the BOSS MICRO BR Digital Recorder that was released in 2006. If you're looking for information on the 2011 MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder, please click this link:

Before you can export your song to a WAV or MP3 file, you'll need to to bounce all of your tracks. Once your song is in WAV or MP3 format, you'll be able burn it to a CD or even send it as an email attachment. Bouncing is also useful when you would like to combine tracks and the built-in rhythm to a track.

While in Bounce mode, anything that you hear playing from the MICRO can be recorded to a single track or stereo track (i.e. all four tracks playing back as well as the built-in rhythm patterns). Follow these steps to bounce tracks on the MICRO BR:

1. Press EXIT and UTILITY until you see "BOUNCE" on the display.

2. The upper right corner of the display shows you the track you're bouncing to. By default, "12V2" (Track 1&2, V-Track 2) is displayed. You may use the CURSOR and VALUE buttons to select any track you like.

3. Press STOP and REWIND at the same time to go back to the very beginning of your song.

4. Press PLAY to hear the bounce and be sure that the master meter is as high as possible without going over--averaging at least four bars:

5. If the meter is not high enough, raise the VOLUME knob on the side of the MICRO BR and/or raise the individual track volumes:
   a. Press TR1.
   b. Cursor to the right so that the cursor's under the track channel that you want to change.
   c. Use the VALUE buttons to adjust the volume of the track.  

6. Press STOP and REWIND at the same time to go back to the very beginning of your song.

7. Press RECORD, and then press PLAY.

8. When the song is finished playing, press STOP.

Note: If you would like to play back the bounced track, you can change the V.Track of the bounced track here:

MICRO BR: How To Change V.Tracks

For example, if you bounced to track "12V2" (Track 1&2, V-Track 2), you will change track 1's V-Track to "2" and then change track 2's V-Track to "2".