TD-4S, TD-4: Kit Copy

Tags: td-4,td4,td-4s
It's possible to make a copy of any Drum Kit in the TD-4. This can be handy if you want to make a duplicate version of an existing Kit. You can then edit the new kit to your liking, knowing that you still have an original version available. Use the following steps to copy a Drum Kit:

1. Press the MENU button so it is lit.

2. Press the SEL down button to select "KIT COPY".

3. Press the "OK" button.

4. Press SEL down.

5. Turn the -/+ dial to choose the kit you want to copy.

6. Press SEL down.

7. Turn the -/+ dial to choose the destination for the kit to be copied.

8. Press SEL down - "Kit Copy, OK?" flashes in the display.

9. Press OK. "Kit Copy Completed" shows in the display and the kit is now copied to the new location you chose in step 7 above.