System Updates When Using the New SRX Expansion Boards

Tags: xv-3080,xv-5080,fantom,fa-76,rd-700,xv-88,xv-5050,xv-2020,srx-09,srx-08,srx-07,srx-06
Previous SRX expansion boards (SRX-1 through SRX-4) were capable of holding a maximum of 128 Patches.

In order to make it possible to provide an even greater variety of sounds, a new format (implemented originally on the SRX-05 Expansion Board) is now being employed. This new format is capable of handling more than 128 patches.

This means that, depending on your instrument's current system version, you may need to upgrade its system to make it compatible with this new SRX format.

Check the system program version of your instrument; if your current version is older than the corresponding one listed below, use the system update program on the CD-ROM which is included with the SRX-Expansion Board to upgrade to the latest version before using the SRX-Expansion Board Series #06--#09. Each CD-ROM disk includes "Read Me" text files with detailed updating instructions for each keyboard and module.

List of Versions Compatible with the New Format:

Fantom : Ver. 1.13 or higher compatible with new format
XV-5080 : Ver. 1.25 or higher compatible with new format
XV-3080 : Ver. 1.09 or higher compatible with new format
XV-88 : Ver. 1.08 or higher compatible with new format
RD-700 : Ver. 1.07 or higher compatible with new format
XV-5050 : No update is necessary.
XV-2020 : No update is necessary.