VS-2000, VS-2400: Formatting the Hard Drive.

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2000,drive,hard,format,fragmentation,busy,defrag,physical

To keep the hard drive working optimally, you will need to format it on a regular basis. A physical format on a VS-2400 will take approximatly 1 1/2 hours to complete. Use the following procedure to format your hard drive:

1. While holding down SHIFT, Press F1 PROJECT.

2. Use the CURSOR arrows to Select "IDE:0".

3. Press PAGE until "FmtDrv" is displayed above F2.

4. Press F2.

5. CURSOR to "Physical Format".

6. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial so that "On" is selected.

7. CURSOR to "Surface Scan".

8. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial so that "On" is selected.

9. Press F5 [OK].

10. Press ENTER/YES two times.

Using the VGA monitor:

1. Click on PROJECT.

2. From the drop-down menu select "Project List"

3. Press the PAGE button three times to get to Page 4 of the Project List.

4. You should see [FMTDRV] above F2, if so, select F2. If [FMTDRV] seems "greyed out", cursor up to IDE:0 and then you should be able to select it.

5. Once in the Format Drive screen, cursor down to Physical Format and Surface Scan and use the TIME/VALUE dial to turn them both "ON".

6. Select F5 [OK] and press ENTER/YES for all the messages that come up.

NOTE: If you have plug-ins installed, make a back-up of them before performing this procedure.