XV-2020: Selecting Patches

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The XV-2020 has 768 internal patches and can have over 1500 when fully expanded! The patches are organized into categories such as Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, and so on. Use the following procedure to connect a MIDI controller to the XV-2020, and to select and audition patches:

1. Use a MIDI cable to connect the MIDI OUT of a MIDI controller to the MIDI IN of the XV-2020.

2. Press the XV-2020’s VALUE dial so the indicator next to PATCH lights.

3. Turn the CATEGORY/BANK dial to select the category that contains the type of sound you wish to use.

4. Turn the VALUE dial to choose a sound within the selected category.

5. Then:

• Play the keyboard on the MIDI controller, or

• Press the XV-2020s VOLUME dial to play a short preview phrase.