Problems Installing USB Drivers in Windows

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The can be several reasons why a USB driver may appear to not be installed correctly in Windows. Here are some things to check.

You may have installed it but not selected it. Be sure to check Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio and see if the USB Audio Device is selected as the default Input and Output. If it's found there, it should also be available in your recording software.

If the interface does not appear in your recording software, it may be that your USB cable is bad (replace it) or that you have reached a "device limit" in Windows. This is characterized by USB drivers appearing to be installed correctly but not seeing audio or MIDI ports in recording software. The problem is caused by a 10 USB driver limitation in Windows XP/2000.

USB Driver Limitation Solution:

1. Click on "Start" and choose "Run," then type in "cmd" as the command line. Click "OK" and a DOS prompt will open.

2. Type the following commands one line at a time, hitting enter after each:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

start devmgmt.msc

3. The Device Manager will now open up, so click on the View menu and choose "Show Hidden Devices." Look through the device manager carefully and note that there are a lot of drivers with a kind of translucent colored icon next to them. These are what are called "ghosting" or otherwise nonpresent drivers your computer is remembering in case you were to ever use the device again later. They can also be drivers that do system functions and are hidden by default, or partially installed or corrupted driver install attempts, all sorts of things really.

Look under these categories in particular:

+Human Interface Devices
+Other Devices
+Sound, video and game controllers
+Universal serial bus controllers

4. Uninstall any driver that shouldn't be there, but pay particular attention to things like these:

USB Composite Device
Composite USB Device
USB Audio Device
USB Human Interface Device
USB Device
Unknown Device

*3rd party USB drivers no longer in use or installed multiple times.

*Edirol drivers you are having problems installing.

Delete these or any driver duplicates and then restart your computer.

5. After you have completed these instructions your Roland/Edirol USB driver should be reinstalled to end the procedure. MIDI and audio ports will then be visible in your software.