TD-6, TD-6V: Pad Pattern

Tags: control,song,td-6,td-6v,trigger
Pad pattern is a feature in the TD-6/V that lets you hit a pad to start/stop one of the songs. Some of the preset kits have this feature already built in. Use the following steps to assign a Song to a pad in a kit:

1. Choose a kit to edit.

2. Press EDIT/SETUP.

3. Press CURSOR right (>) until "CONTROL" shows in the display.

4. Press ENTER.

5. Hit the pad (or portion of the pad - head/rim) that you want to assign a song to.

6. Press the + or - button to select a desired song.

7. Press EXIT.

Tip: Some of the TD-6/V's preset kits have a Song already assigned to a pad. If you would like to turn off the pad pattern feature for that kit, follow steps 2-4 above. Then, for step 5, press the (-) button to select "OFF."