ME-50: Tuning Your Guitar

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The ME-50 features a built-in chromatic auto-tuner that allows you to tune your guitar quickly and easily. Since the sound of your guitar is muted in tuner mode, you don’t even have to turn down your amp volume each time you tune. Here’s how to use the tuner.

1. Press the OD/DS 1 and MOD 2 pedals simultaneously to switch to Tuner mode—the green tuner indicator lights.

2. Play your high open E string. The display shows the name of the note closest to the pitch of the string you’ve played. If the dot in the lower right corner of the display flashes, the pitch is a sharp note.

3. Do a rough tuning so that “E” appears in the display.

4. Tune the string more precisely until the tuning meter’s center green indicator lights.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to tune the other five strings.

6. To leave Tuner mode, press the OD/DS 1 and MOD 2 pedals simultaneously, or press EDIT/EXIT.