SYSTEM-1: Logic Pro X Setup and Recording

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The following article will guide you through setting up the SYSTEM-1 to be used as the input audio interface with Logic Pro X software.

Audio I/O Setup:

  • Select Logic Pro X in the menu bar and navigate to Preferences.
  • Click on “Audio...”
  • Under the Devices tab, set your Input Device to SYSTEM-1 if it is not already set.
  • Click “Apply Changes”
  • Close the Preferences Menu


Track Setup:

Now we will select the input source (the USB outputs of the SYSTEM-1) for a track.

  • Select Track in the menu bar and click on “New Tracks…” 
  • Click on the "Input" box. Then, select the first stereo channel 1/2.


  • Click on the "R" track arm button so that it turns red to arm the track(s).
  • Press R on the keyboard to begin recording.


The SYSTEM-1 is now setup for Logic Pro X and you can follow the basic recording instructions from Apple for additional information regarding recording audio.

Apple's Logic Pro X User Guide manual will guide you through recording in their software (for example: their Chapter 7 sections regarding working with tracks and Chapter 8 sections for recording):

Logic Pro X User Guide