R-05: Transfering Audio Files From a Computer to the R-05 (Recover)

Tags: recover,computer,transfer,files,mp3,wav

The following steps will guide you through transferring audio files from a computer to your R-05.

  1. Turn on the R-05.
  2. Connect the provided USB cable between the USB connection on the R-05 and an available USB connection on your computer.
  3. Windows:
        a. Click on the Folder icon  (Window 8), Windows icon   (Windows 7 & Vista) or icon (XP) on the bottom left of your screen.
        b. Click on "Computer" or "My Computer".
        c. Open the R-05, or "removable storage", drive icon to access your recordings.

    Mac OS:
        a. The R-05, or "Removable Storage", drive icon will appear on the desktop.
        b. Open the R-05 drive to access your recordings.
  4. Drag the desired files and/or folders from your computer into the R-05 window.
  5. Disconnect the R-05 from your computer as follows:
    Use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows task tray to un-mount the R-05 and then disconnect the USB cable from your computer.

    Mac Os:
    Drag the r-05 Drive icon of the USB memory into the trash in the dock and then disconnect the USB cable from your computer.