R-BUS, RBUS, RBC, RBC-5: Where Can I Find an R-BUS Cable?

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R-BUS cables have been out of production for years and we no longer have resources to purchase these. The best place to still find one would be online (For example: Searching on Google for "R-Bus cable", "Roland R-Bus cable", "Roland RBC-5", etc). Note that the R-BUS cable was a proprietary design and a SCSI cable/connector is not compatible.

R-BUS cables used a DB-25 connector with a crossover connection; pin 1 to 13, pin 2 to 12, pin 3 to 11, pin 4 to 10 etc. Pin 7 has no connection.
NOTE: Because of the proprietary design, we have not been given any additional design specs for R-BUS cables from our corporate headquarters from Roland Japan--as these are not published and are not available.