DIF-AT: Connections for Controlling a Tascam DA series device from an RMDB2 Device

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The DIF-AT can link an RMDB2 compatible device (such as the VM-3100Pro or the
VM-7100/7200 Mixer Processors with the optional VM-24E Expansion Board
installed) to a Tascam DA-38, DA-88 or DA-98. The DIF-AT provides the
interface necessary so that an RMDB2 equipped device can control a Tascam
device. Use the following procedures for connecting the DIF-AT to a Tascam
device and to RMDB2 compatible devices:

NOTE: Tascam DA series devices can only be slaved to the RMDB2 device. Tascam
DA recorders cannot serve as master devices as they cannot send locate commands.

1) Connect the Remote In/Sync In of the Tascam device to the Tascam Sync
connection of the
2) Connect the TDIF-1 Digital Out of the Tascam device to the TDIF-1 connection
of the DIF-AT.
3) Connect the RMBD2 connection from the DIF-AT to the RMBD2 connection of the
VM-3100Pro or the VM-7100/7200 Mixer Processor.
4) Set the device ID for the RMDB2 compatible device to a setting other than
"0" (zero).
5) Set the machine ID of the Tascam DA series device that is connected to the
DIF-AT to "0" (zero).

NOTE: To connect the RMBD2 connectors, you must use the provided RMBD2 cable,
or cables which comply with the RMDB2 standard. Connecting with other cables,
such as SCSI connection cables, may damage the devices you are trying to
connect to.