XV-5050: Setting up for General MIDI Use

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The XV-5050 is GM- and GM2-compatible. This means that any of the numerous Standard MIDI Files available commercially will work with the XV-5050. Use the following procedure to quickly set up the XV for use with a Standard MIDI File manually:

1. Connect the MIDI out of your sequencer to the MIDI in of the XV-5050.

2. Hold SHIFT and press PERFORM. The light blinks and “GM:PLAY” is displayed on the screen and the XV-5050 enters GM Play mode.

Note: Many Standard MIDI Files include a special message at the start of the song that automatically put the XV-5050 into GM mode, so you may not need to perform the procedure above.

While Standard MIDI Files can automatically select sounds, you can also manually select sounds in GM Play mode on the XV-5050 as follows.

1. Press the PART < and > buttons to select the desired part/MIDI channel. Part 1 uses MIDI Channel 1, Part 2 uses MIDI Channel 2, and so on.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired patch for each part.