SPD-20: Editing Sound Parameter

Tags: spd-20
Use the following procedure to edit sounds on the SPD-20:

1) Use the PATCH/VALUE [-] or [+] buttons to select the Patch (1-99) to edit.
2) Press EDIT to enter the Edit mode.
3) Strike the pad you wish to edit.
4) If necessary press BANK A/B to select the sound component you wish to edit.

NOTE: It is not possible to simultaneously edit the sound parameters of layered
sounds (sounds where pad banks A and B are both lit.)

5) Press SELECT so the SOUND parameter group LED is lit.
6) Press the cursor UP or DOWN to select the parameter to be edited.
7) Use PATCH/VALUE [-] or [+] to change the parameter settings.
8) To edit the other pad bank of the layered sound repeat steps 4 - 7.
9) When you finish making settings, press EDIT to return to the PLAY mode.