VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Assigning a Single Input to Multiple Tracks w/ VGA

Tags: input,vs-2480,vs-2480cd,track,assign,vga
The VS-2480/2480CD is capable of simultaneously recording 12 tracks from a single input. This is useful if you want to quickly record several takes from the same input to multiple tracks. Use the following procedure to assign input 1 to multiple channels of the input mixer, and route those channels to consecutive recording tracks:

1. Connect your source to Input 1 of the VS-2480/2480CD.

2. Utilizing the menu at the top left of the VGA monitor, point and click on EZ ROUTING/ROUTING VIEW.

3. Find the PATCH BAY section in the upper left quadrant of VGA Monitor and point and click on the INPUT MIXER 3 and 4.

4. Use the mouse to connect the lines from INPUT MIXER 3 & 4 to ANALOG INPUT 1 & 2. NOTE: Because of the specific architecture of the VS, the routing of analog inputs to the input mixer are made in pairs - even if only 1 input is used, the analog inputs are routed together.

5. Repeat the procedure in step 4 to connect Input Mixer 5 & 6 thru 23 & 24 until all 24 mixer channels are connected to Analog Input 1 & 2.

6. In the TRACK ASSIGN section in the lower left quandrant of the VGA Monitor, point and click on INPUT MIXER #3 and connect the line to RECORDING TRACK 2.

7. Assign all odd INPUT MIXER numbers to 12 consecutive RECORDING TRACKS (i.e. INPUT MIXER 5 to RECORDING TRACK 3; INPUT MIXER 7 to RECORDING TRACK 4 etc.)

8. At this point, the signal coming in Input 1 will be sent to all odd Input Mixer channels, and then subsequently sent to consecutive tracks (1-12). Set the INPUT SENS for Input 1 and raise all odd Input mixer channels to 0db before recording.