RSP-550: Vocoder Algorithm

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The RSP-550 functions as a true vocoder, complete with eight frequency bands to
adjust the volumes of each individual frequency range. Vocoders can create
robotic sounds as well as other interesting effects. The concept of a vocoder
is quite simple. You connect an audio source to one of the inputs on the
vocoder (the left input of the RSP-550). This audio source can literally be
anything from a synthesizer, drum machine, weird sound effect, the sound of
traffic during rush hour, etc. You connect another signal into a second input.
This is usually a microphone, although a guitar or other audio source is fair
game. By talking or singing into the microphone while the other signal is
being fed into the RSP-550, your voice takes on the frequency characteristics
and pitch of the source sound. For example, if you’re playing a brass sound on
a synthesizer, your voice is sounded as the pitches that are being played from
the keyboard, and takes on the characteristics of that brass sound. This is a
great effect. Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with different
sounds. For example, try feeding a drum machine into the source input and
making your guitar take on the characteristics of drums played back as a
rhythmic pattern. The results can be quite interesting.