GR-55: Patch Exchange

Tags: memory,move,swap,rearrange

The Patch Exchange feature lets you rearrange patches in the User section so they are in the desired order. When you exchange patches, one patch swaps the location of the another chosen patch without writing over an existing one. Here's how to exchange patches in the GR-55.

1. Determine which two user patches you would like to exchange, and then select one of the two patches by turning the dial. 

2. Press the WRITE button.

3. Press the PAGE right button (>) to choose the "EXCHANGE" tab - the Exchange menu appears. 

4. Turn the dial to choose the User patch that you'd like to exchange with the original patch that you chose in Step 1.      

5. Press WRITE - "Now Exchanging" appears briefly in the display, and you are then returned to the main menu.