BR-1600, BR-1600CD:How to Record Audio Into Computer Software

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The USB functionality of the BR-1600CD is to import and export WAV files as well as backup and recover projects. The BR-1600CD is not an audio interface and cannot pass audio via USB in real-time. To pass audio into your computer recording software in real-time, you can connect the stereo LINE OUT of the BR-1600CD into the stereo input of an audio interface. Roland designs a variety of audio interfaces that can accomplish this well. You may view audio interfac information by clicking on the link below:


Roland Audio Interfaces


If you would like to export your already recorded BR-1600CD tracks into your recording software, you may use the Track Export function to export the tracks as WAV files onto your computer. These WAV files can then be imported, or dragged, into your recording software. You may view the knowledge base article that guides you through the Track Export procedure by clicking on the link below:


Track Export