TD-12, TD-12S-BK, TD-12S-WT: Pad Pattern

Tags: td-12s-bk,td-12,td-12s-wt
You can hit one of the pads in a kit to start and stop — or tap through — a pattern. Use the following steps to assign a pattern to a pad:

1. Select the desired kit.

2. Press INST so it's lit.

3. Press F4 (CONTROL).

4. Hit the pad to which you want to assign a pattern.

5. Turn the VALUE dial or press the + / - buttons to select the desired pattern.

6. Strike the same pad again to start and stop the pattern.
Tip: Some of the TD-12's preset kits have a pattern already assigned to a pad. If you'd like to turn off the Pad Pattern feature for such a kit, follow Steps 2-5 above. At Step 5, turn the VALUE dial counter-clockwise or press the (-) button to select OFF. If you'd like to turn the Pad Pattern feature off for all kits, press CURSOR Up to select the Pad Ptn Master SW setting, and then turn the VALUE dial to choose ALL OFF.