FP-7F: Selecting the FP-7F Internal USB Driver

Tags: usb,fp-7f
Normally, you don’t need to install a driver in order to connect the FP-7F to your computer. However, if some problem occurs, or if the performance is poor, using the Roland original driver may solve the problem. Use the following procedure to set the internal FP-7F USB driver:

1. Press the Function button and use the + / - buttons to select "USB Driver" in the display.

2. Press the PIANO button.

3. Use the - or + button to select the USB driver.


Generic - Choose this if you want to use the standard USB driver that was included with your computer. Normally, you should use this mode.

Original - Choose this if you want to use a USB driver downloaded from the Roland website.

4. Turn the FP-7F off and back on again.


This setting is remembered even when the power is turned off.