GE-21: Overview

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The GE-21 is a 21 band graphic equalizer in a half-rack width design. The GE-21
specs compare with the best equalizers on the market at a modest price point.
PA, recording, guitar, bass, and virtually any application are valid to the
BOSS GE-21. Professional quality specifications include harmonic distortion of
less than 0.01% with a residual noise level less than -100 dBm. It even has an
effect on/off jack for remote switching which makes it a great guitar effect.

For stereo equalization, two GE-21’s can be placed after the line mixer to fine
tune the entire mix. This is very useful for fine tuning a room or adding more
punch to specific frequencies that may be lacking in your speakers. Each GE-21
could also be placed in a channel insert for equalizing an individual
instrument such as the vocals or the drums.