VS-2480: Using the Speaker Modeling Effects

Tags: vs-2480
First, the effect must be inserted in the Master Bus:

1. While holding down SHIFT, press TR 1-16/MASTER EDIT.

2. Press F2 (FXIns) - the MASTER EFFECT INSERT screen.

3. CURSOR to the desired processor (for this example, FX1) and turn the Time/Value dial to display "Ins".

Now the Speaker Modeling effect must be chosen:

1. Press EFFECT.

2. Press F1[FX1].

3. Press F1(PATCH).

4. The Speaker Modeling effects patches are between presets P220-P230. Each patch is an emulation of a different kind of speaker. The patch's icon shows you the speaker it's based on. Turn your Time/Value dial to highlight the different effects.

5. Press F5(SELECT) to choose the desired model.